Lazy Maple
The Lazy Maple is surrounded by beautiful, mature trees overlooking the lake.  What a view!

This cottage offers the most privacy and its own firepit. It is also equipped with a wheelchair ramp.

Bedroom 1 - x1 single bed, 1 double bed
Bedroom 2 - 1 double bed
Bedroom 3 - 1 double bed

(Recommended guests, 5. Maximum, 8)
(maximum of 1, billed at $10 per night)
Coffee by the Lake
Put your feet up and enjoy the peace and serenity of loons calling and trees blowing in the wind. 

Enjoy a game of cards after a day outdoors with the family.

NOTE: WiFi in this cabin is touch and go. Your best option to catch good WiFi is to do so in our common areas.
The Lazy Maple
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