I started my journey with handmade skincare products in 1999. Our eldest son was battling eczema, and while the prescribed creams the doctor gave us were helping, we began our search for long term relief in a more natural form. Diet was the first thing we experimented with, but convincing a toddler this was necessary was only partially successful. Further research led to fewer chemicals in skincare products. When I was unable to source what I was looking for - I decided to make it myself. His eczema went away. Not only did we discover relief for our son - we learned quite quickly how beautiful and luxurious handmade skincare products were. What began as a labor of love, has grown into a thriving little business for our family.

Now, I'm not suggesting my products should ever be used for medicinal purposes. On the contrary. However, what I am convinced of - is that our bodies are on toxic overload from every angle in our lives.  A quieter life, more time with family & friends, more whole foods, fewer household cleaning chemicals, and more natural skincare products should all be priorities in our lives. Every little choice matters. Sometimes our bodies and minds need a break from it all!

Our skincare products are all vegan (Angela's the driving force on this one - Colin is an avid fisherman). All products are paraben-free, pthalate-free, sulphate-free and palm oil-free. Our focus is to incorporate as many home-grown, wild-foraged and locally sourced ingredients as possible. 

2019 is a big year for us. Our focus this year is to eliminate plastic packaging. So, please look closely if you do not see your favorite product. It is likely to be wearing new clothes! It may take us a little while to phase out plastic, but we feel it is an important initiative to take given our love of nature. Please consider reusing, recycling, or returning our (clean) packaging to us. We offer discounts for refills!

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to ask.  Care to shop? Check out our eStore, or drop by our boutique. Other locations offering our products are:

  • Art & Crafts Collective -  Gananoque, ON
  • Gananoque Brewing Company - Gananoque, ON
  • Taylor Veterinary Clinic -  Lansdowne, ON
  • All Good Things Home - Kingston, ON
  • Unconventional Moose - Tweed, ON
  • Home Hardware - Gananoque, ON

You are also likely to find us at local artisan shows/sales as noted below. Wholesale inquiries are welcome.

*Always consult a physician prior to trying any new skincare product.

2019 Events

  • March 8-10 - Quinte Sportsman Boat & RV Show, Belleville
  • March 23 - YGK Spring Artisan Market, Kingston
  • April 20 - Opinicon Resort Spring Market, Elgin
  • May 18, 19 - Rockport Spring Art Fair, Rockport
  • June 1, 2 - Doner Studio Art Festival, Seeleys Bay
  • August 18 - Women's Art Festival, Kingston